• Confine unfriendly pets in a restrained area on delivery day.
  • Provide entry to home or leave key/instructions for entry if not home on delivery day. This includes setting alarm system so any code needed to enter your home will properly deactivate the system. (See Lockout Fee.) We are licensed and insured.


  • Collaborate with you to determine your individual food likes and needs.
  • Customize every menu to your unique taste.
  • Prepare fresh, wholesome and delicious meals to your specifications.
  • Utilize Safe Food Handling methods during meal preparation.


Payment for first cook date is due prior to service activation. Subsequently, all payments must be received by the delivery day prior to your next scheduled delivery. I accept Cash, Checks, and Money Orders. Payment can be mailed to me, given to me on day of consultation, or prior delivery day.


Because I need proper shopping and prep time to develop the highest quality cuisine, menu choices must be agreed to by one week prior to delivery date. Should the menu not be received in a timely manner, I will go ahead with the menu created for that week, keeping in mind your likes and dislikes.


If client's home is inaccessible or unsafe due to pets or other reasons, Cooking Fee will nonetheless be required along with a $50 redelivery fee.


Any check/payment returned for insufficient funds will result in a $35 NSF fee due prior to the next cooking date. Client will also be responsible for all charges/fees levied by the bank.


If delivery date is cancelled seven (7) days or less from scheduled delivery day, Package Fee is not refundable.


Alligator Pear Personal Chef Service, LLC has been educated and trained in the proper handling of foods and storage and utilizes those practices to ensure that your food will be an enjoyable safe product. However, once Alligator Pear has properly completed its service, you are responsible for continuing proper food storage and handling techniques to prevent any food-borne illness. If you have any questions concerning proper techniques used, I will be happy to discuss them with you.

Alligator Pear Personal Chef Service, LLC is not liable for operational failure of or subsequent repairs to refrigerators and/or freezers or any other client property used that is necessary for the completion of delivery resulting from normal use and/or accumulative wear and tear.

Please feel free to contact Chef Lindsey at any time with any questions or concerns you may have regarding Alligator Pear Personal Chef Service, LLC. I look forward to working with you and serving your needs in the best possible way.